Dentures & Partials

Dentures & Partials

If you are considering getting dentures, know that you are not alone. A study in The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, says that the number of adults in the United States needing dentures will be 37.9 million in 2020. That’s an increase from 33.6 million in 1991.

Just as there are a variety of reasons you might lose a tooth, there are just as many forms of cosmetic dental surgery that dentists can use to rejuvenate your smile and improve the way you talk and eat. Dentures are one of the most common forms of restorative dentistry to eliminate the pain that comes from problems with your teeth and gums.

At Sagamore Meadows Family Dental, we offer a complete range of teeth restoration procedures, including both full dentures and partial dentures. (A partial denture is also called a dental bridge.) Schedule an appointment and let us help you decide which approach will work best for you.

Common Questions About Dentures

What’s the difference between a denture and a partial denture?

A complete denture is used to replace all the teeth on either the bottom or the top of your mouth. The denture is custom made to fit your mouth and it rests directly on the gums. A partial denture, also called a dental bridge, is used when there are enough healthy teeth around the missing teeth so the partial denture can be attached to the healthy teeth.

How do they make dentures?

Everyone’s mouth is unique, which means each denture must be custom made. In order for the denture to fit perfectly, the dentist first takes measurements and impressions of your jaw. Models are made from those impressions and the models are placed into your mouth. The dentist will adjust the model a few times, making sure they feel good and look good, before the final denture is made.

How long does it take to get dentures?

The answer varies with each person since each situation is different. If, for example, you need to have teeth extracted before the denture can be made, you typically must wait for the gums to heal. This can take four weeks. After that, the impressions can be made of your mouth and the dentist can start the process of making your dentures. The entire process takes a few months.

Can I wear my dentures while sleeping?

At first, you might be told to wear the dentures constantly so the dentist can quickly learn what part of the denture needs to be adjusted. After that adjustment period, however, you will be told to remove the dentures while you sleep. This is important to let your gums rest.

How do I clean my dentures?

Every day, you will need to remove the denture from your mouth and brush them with a cleaner made specifically for dentures. You cannot use toothpaste on dentures. Then, depending on the material your denture is made from, you might be told you need to soak the denture in either water or a denture-soaking solution overnight. Your dentist will explain if soaking is necessary. If you do soak your dentures, remember to rinse thoroughly before placing them into your mouth.